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Sewer Services in Marine, IL by Pioneer Plumbing Restoration

Trusted Local Experts for All Your Sewer and Drain Needs

Pioneer Plumbing Restoration has over 10 years of experience providing premier sewer services and drain cleaning for residential and commercial clients throughout Marine, IL and surrounding areas. As highly-trained and licensed professionals equipped with state-of-the-art tools, we can quickly and efficiently handle any sewer or drain issue you may have.

Comprehensive Sewer and Drain Services

Our skilled team of plumbers offers the following essential sewer and drain services to the greater Marine area:

  • Sewer Line Inspections and Repairs – We have high-tech sewer cameras to assess line damage and pinpoint issues. From roots, breaks, cracks, intruding joints to complete replacements – we can fix it all.
  • Drain Cleaning/Unclogging – Fast clearing of fully or partially blocked drains. Safe for pipes and effective on hair, soap buildup, grease, tree roots and other debris.
  • Catch Basin Cleaning – Thorough cleaning removes heavy sediment, debris and contaminants from catch basins. Ensures proper wastewater drainage.
  • Lift Station Services – Expert assessment, maintenance, repairs and upgrades for all types of lift stations and pumps.
  • Pipe Lining & Underground Repiping – Trenchless sewer pipe lining and underground drain repairs that save time, money and avoid major digging.
  • CCTV Inspections & Locating – High-resolution video pipe inspection reveals damage, defects, intrusions for targeted repairs. Includes exact measurement data.
  • Water Jetting & HydroScrubbing – Powerful sewer cleaning for extreme sewage accumulation and stubborn clogs using advanced hydraulic water systems.
  • Sewer Odor Control – Eliminate noxious sewer gases both in lines and indoors with professional-grade products and treatment methods.

For reliable, reasonably-priced sewer and drain services in Marine, IL, call (314) 568-7718 today!

Why Choose Pioneer for Sewer and Drain Services?

Extensive Experience

With well over a decade handling a vast range of sewer system and drain issues in Marine and surrounding regions, we have the proven expertise to efficiently tackle any related problem you face. New issues and developments are no match for our skills.

Advanced Tools & Technology

From indoor drain snakes to sewer video inspection cameras, pipe locators, water jetters and beyond – Pioneer has invested $100Ks in state-of-the-art equipment to access, evaluate and restore your lines with minimal disruption. This allows our technicians to be more productive and effective.

Prompt & Reliable Emergency Service

As a local company, we are able to quickly respond to sewer backups, overflowing drains, lift stations in need of immediate maintenance, and other urgent issues. We understand the severe property damage these can lead to if not addressed promptly by trained professionals.

Eco-Friendly & Customer-Focused

From our use of more sustainable equipment and cleaning solutions to providing clear upfront pricing and details – Pioneer Plumbing Restoration seeks to provide quality sewer and drain services while promoting a greener community and superior customer experience.

Dedication to Safety & Precautions

Our techs are constantly trained on strict safety protocols when managing hazardous sewer gases, contaminated water, confined space entry, electrical risks and traffic control. We conduct operations with care to ensure the security of your property and our crew.

Straightforward Pricing & Warranties

Know the full price and specifics before work begins – no surprises down the road. Additionally, qualified sewer repairs come backed by a 3-year warranty for peace of mind on materials and craftsmanship.

For reliable, reasonably-priced sewer and drain services in Marine, IL, call (314) 568-7718 today!

Sewer Line Inspection, Cleaning & Repair

Sewer lines require maintenance and eventual repairs from age, cracks, blockages, intruding joints, etc. Attempting a DIY fix is NOT recommended. Our skilled Marine plumbing technicians utilize sewer video cameras and locators to fully evaluate line issues then repair, replace and enhance them properly.

Sewer Video Inspection & Locating

The first step is often utilizing our sewer camera or CCTV inspection systems to video record the interior of your pipes. This reveals any issues needing repair such as:

  • Roots & Root Intrusions – Small root tendrils that work their way into pipe joints or cracks attracted by moisture. They gradually enlarge causing major backups.
  • Broken/Cracked/Collapsed Sewer Pipes – Pipes that split or break due to age, shifting earth, excessive water flows or tree roots can release raw sewage under your Marine property and be extremely hazardous.
  • Settling/Misalignment – Sewer sections that drop or become offset can catch debris leading to clogs and sewer line backups.
  • Rust, Scale & Corrosion – Sewer interiors weakened by deterioration allows leaks, backups and even collapse over time.
  • Grease, Sediment & Scum Buildup – Gradual thick accumulations inside pipes that impede water flows and drainage.

In addition to inspection, we also provide sewer and utility line locating before any digging or excavating using underground pipe transmitters. This maps out the exact position to avoid accidentally damaging them during property projects.

Trenchless & Excavation Sewer Repairs

Once the inspection is complete, we determine if a pipe requires cleaning, or a small trenchless repair, or if full replacement is necessary:

  • Sewer Drain Cleaning – For roots or buildup we can clear it with mechanical drain augers or high-powered water jetting.
  • Trenchless Pipe Lining/CIPP – Structurally reinforced liner inserted into pipe to form a smooth, jointless new interior – no digging!
  • Spot Repairs – Small pipeline sections prone to roots and leaks get removed and replaced via keyhole excavation with minimal surface disruption.
  • Full Sewer Line Replacement – For completely failing pipes, total replacement by excavating the problem sections may be required.

We take great care to limit landscape disruption when digging trenches or pits for access points. Experienced planning handles obstacles like trees, walls, driveways or landscaping with ease. Proper shoring, soil removal and containment ensure safety in our work zone.

Once the pipe systems are restored, we backfill and compact to match the surrounding grade and landscape the surface. You’d hardly know we completed major underground repairs!

For reliable, reasonably-priced sewer repairs and replacement in Marine, call (314) 568-7718 today!

Sewer Odors – Identification & Elimination

Foul sewage smells indoors or near your Marine property are usually caused by a release of built-up gasses from the plumbing drainage system somewhere on the property. Pioneer Plumbing Restoration can track down the origin and choose the optimal solution to remove the stench permanently – not just mask it temporarily.

Common Sewer Odor Sources

  • Cracked drain pipes, loose joints or issues at connections releasing smells from waste buildup.
  • Drain/sewer vent stacks not extended properly above roofline or blocked allowing gases back down pipes.
  • Backup sink, shower and tub traps that were not installed or have malfunctioned.
  • Leaking sewer pump station components or problems in the municipal lines near the property.

Sewer Odor Testing & Elimination

Our process involves complete testing to pinpoint origin, then tailored fixing:

  • Thorough Plumbing Inspections – High-precision leak detectors identify problems in pipe joints, fittings, seals and connections throughout home allowing gasses to escape. Crews survey indoor and outdoor plumbing.
  • Smoke Testing – Non-toxic puffs of colored smoke enter pipes/stacks to observe where and how it’s escaping to track down breaches.
  • Video Camera Inspections Inside Pipes – Sometimes tiny cracks and breaches are hidden from view so we must camera inside stacks and drains to uncover them.
  • Necessary Pipe Repairs – All found leaks/cracks are repaired plus any severely damaged sections get replaced completely.
  • Vent/Stack Top Adjustments – We alter heights and terminate properly above roofline and clear obstructions according to code for proper airflow preventing gas backups.
  • Drain Trap Installation – Where lacking, new proper sink, tub and shower drain traps get correctly installed keeping sewer gases contained to pipes.
  • Sewer Vent Filtering System – Charcoal filters designed for vent stacks allow airflow but neutralize sulfur gases.
  • In-Line Drain Filters – Plastic disks infused with odor-eliminating chlorine securely inserted into your drains curb smells without hazardous chemicals.

This complete testing, repair and installation process by our Marine plumbing specialists can solve even severe, persistent rotten-egg sewer gas problems. Say goodbye to smelly odors for good and enjoy a fresh indoor space again!

For proven sewer odor elimination in Marine, IL, call Pioneer Plumbing Restoration at (314) 568-7718!

Other Essential Sewer & Drain Services

In addition to the indoor drain networks connected to the central sewer lines, Pioneer handles other essential wastewater systems around properties:

Outdoor Drainage Cleaning & Repair

  • Surface Drains – Clear debris so rain runoff flows freely avoiding flooding.
  • Landscape Drains – Unclog French drains and catch basin drains diverting groundwater.
  • Area Well Cleaning – Remove heavy debris for free flow preventing sewage backups.

Water Jetting Power Washing

Extreme 3,000 – 4,000 PSI water jets can scour stubborn debris and cut thick roots in lines up to 300 feet down avoiding excavation digging!


Using highly-pressurized water and a powerful vacuum truck we can safely expose buried pipes and cables without damage for inspection and repairs.

Grease Trap Services

  • Removal & Disposal – Pump out and responsibly dispose of thick fats/greases/debris.
  • New Installation – Professional installation of correctly sized traps.
  • Ongoing Cleaning/Maintenance – Schedule cleanouts to keep these systems compliant.

Sewer Lift Station Services

  • Emergency Repairs – Fast response for failing pumps and panels.
  • Full-Station Upgrades – Replace aging stations with systems meeting all codes and property requirements.
  • Routine Maintenance – Preventative upkeep like 6-month checkups optimizes performance.

Manhole Adjustments & Rehabs

  • Raise/Lower Covers – Adjust so surface openings meet safety standards and line up with changed grade.
  • Rehabilitate Deterioration – Crumbling walls, frames and lids get reinforced or fully replaced.
  • Install Protective Coatings – Waterproof, corrosion-resistant linings renew manholes.

Catch Basin Cleaning

  • Vacuum Loose Debris/Sediments/Contaminants
  • Clear Metal Grates Allowing Proper Drainage
  • Check Proper Functioning and Depth

Backwater Valve Installation

Adding a one-way valve system prevents wastewater backups from entering if municipal main gets overwhelmed.

As you can see Pioneer Plumbing Restoration truly is your one-stop local provider of reliable sewer and drain solutions for Marine, IL residential and commercial clients!

For proven plumbing drain cleaning or expert sewer repairs in Marine, call (314) 568-7718!