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Embrace Smart Living: Innovative Plumbing Solutions from Expert Plumbers in Marine to Modernize Your Home

 “Alexa, turn off the light, please. I need to sleep.”…. Well, this is the situation of smart homes these days. Technology is taking over all our lives deeply, and we have become used to it, so when everything is smart why is your home not yet? Having smart features in your house’s plumbing provides your house with a modern and future-based look. So, what do you say about turning your simple home into a smart house? You can easily do this by partnering up with professional plumbing companies or hiring plumbers in Marine who can fix the smart gadgets, install features into your house, and change your house from simple to smart.

We have compiled a list of a few gadgets that can change the entire look of your house. So, are you ready to explore it?

Smart Plumbing Services for Smart Homes

People now live in completely technical houses where every brick would have connected with any smart and beyond-the-mind technologies like ALEXA. It’s the most preferable and highly recommended market option to enhance your house as a smart home. But we have some more new and latest updates in the market that particularly belong to plumbing, so you can add these latest technologies to your house and enjoy the essence of having a smart home. Professional plumbers in Marine can help you with these. They are also cost-efficient so you will surely enjoy these gadgets, so are you ready to explore them with us?

· The Bemis Sanctuary Smart Toilet Seats 

The Bemis Sanctuary 5000 Smart Bidet Toilet represents a groundbreaking innovation in the market, offering an array of high-end features that promise to revolutionize bathroom hygiene and convenience. With a self-rising seat and lid, UV self-clean nozzle, and hands-free kick button operation, it ensures a seamless experience. The adjustable heated seat, unlimited warm water, personalized bidet controls, and soothing night light make it a delight. Additionally, the three-stage warm air dryer adds a touch of luxury. Amid growing interest in bidets, driven by both pandemic-related toilet paper shortages and a focus on home and wellness, the Bemis Sanctuary 5000 emerges as an affordable and accessible choice for households, promising a transformative experience in personal hygiene.

· Auto Senser Faucets

According to market reports, smart solutions like touchless faucets and voice and app controls are poised to dominate the scene. The Smart Faucet with Motion Control introduces an effortless way to elevate your kitchen into the modern age. Users can select their desired hot, warm, or cold water temperature with simple hand motions. Personalized default settings can be configured through the Moen Smart Water App for convenience. This innovation brings modernity to your kitchen and offers affordability and ease of installation. Professional plumbing companies in Marine can help you with this.

· Water filtration And Monitoring

KOHLER’s H2Wise and H2Wise+ Powered by Phyn offer a revolutionary solution to monitor water consumption and detect leaks, providing homeowners with peace of mind and cost savings. These systems alert users to minor and major leaks, diagnose plumbing issues, and even warn of freezing pipes. With the ability to track water usage by each fixture, they promote water conservation. Affordable and easy to install, even many plumbing companies in Marine recommend it to install. These innovations simplify hectic lives and promote a healthier, eco-conscious lifestyle.

· Smart Water Heater    

Rheem’s ProTerra Hybrid Electric Water Heater represents a leap in eco-friendly home technology, boasting an impressive up to 4.0 UEF rating. Available in various sizes, from 40 to 80 gallons, it caters to diverse hot water needs. This innovation’s integration of EcoNet Wi-Fi technology sets it apart, empowering homeowners with remote control and real-time insights. With auto shut-off, the built-in LeakSense water leak detection system ensures minimal water loss in case of leaks, offering peace of mind. By adjusting water temperature, tracking energy usage, and enabling vacation mode through a mobile device, ProTerra not only simplifies life’s hectic moments but also promotes a sustainable and health-conscious lifestyle while remaining affordable and easy to install in your home.

Turn Your Simple Home into a Smart House with The Pioneer Plumber

We believe that after reading this blog and knowing about these amazing gadgets you will surely have decided about some technical upgrade in your house. The Pioneer Plumber in Marine would be the best choice. We are one of the leading plumbing companies in Marine and have served for many years. So, do not think more. Just contact us, and we will guide you!