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Jet Rodding for Blocked Drains in Marine, IL

Pioneer Plumbing Restoration offers expert jet rodding services to clear fully or partially blocked drains in Marine, IL and surrounding areas. With over 10 years of experience, our licensed technicians use state-of-the-art jet rodding equipment to restore proper drainage quickly and efficiently.

Signs You Need Jet Rodding for Your Blocked Drain

Some common signs your Marine, IL home or business has a stubborn drain blockage that requires jet rodding include:

  • Standing water in showers or bathtubs that drains slowly or not at all
  • Water pooling around floor drains, especially after using washing machines or dishwashers
  • Toilets overflowing after flushing
  • Gurgling sounds coming from clogged fixtures and drains
  • Strong sewage odors coming from drains or vents
  • Abnormally slow flushing toilets throughout your building

If you notice any of these issues, don’t hesitate to call Pioneer Plumbing Restoration at (314) 568-7718 to schedule jet rodding service. Our skilled technicians serve Marine, IL and can revive your drains.

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Why Choose Jet Rodding to Clear Blocked Drains?

Jet rodding is the most effective method for clearing fully or partially blocked drains. It’s superior to snaking, drain cleaning chemicals, or attempting dangerous DIY drain clearing. Benefits of professional hydro jetting services include:

High-Pressure Water Jet Dislodges Clogs

Jet rodders use extremely high-pressure streams of water—up to 5000 PSI—to scour your drain walls and forcefully dislodge gunk, waste, roots, or other blockages. The powerful jets propel themselves deep into clogged, twisted drains.

Added Cleaning Reach Around Bends

Specialized jet rodding nozzles easily maneuver through P-traps and sharp turns in pipes, dislodging jams around bends snaking can’t reach. No drain clog stands a chance!

Clears All Drain Types and Sizes

Jet rodder hoses access all standard drainpipe sizes from 1.5” to 12” in diameter and clear clogs from sink, tub, toilet, floor, roof and main sewer drains. Wide drains often found in commercial buildings also benefit.

Restores Full Drain Function

Jet rodding doesn’t just partially clear drains like harsh chemicals. Our high-pressure water jets scour your entire drain system so water can flow freely again without backup or overflow issues.

Environmentally Friendly

Jet rodding uses just water so it’s very eco-friendly without any dangerous chemicals flushed into your pipes or the local Water Reclamation District. The pressurized water even cleans pipe walls along the way.

For these reasons, jet rodding is the #1 professional method for clearing blocked bathroom, kitchen, laundry and sewer drains

Jet Rodding Process for Blocked Drains

When you call Pioneer Plumbing Restoration for jet rodding services in Marine, IL, here is general process our local technicians follow:


Our technician arrives in a fully-stocked jet rodding truck and inspects which drains or fixtures have blockage issues. This may require running cameras down lines to view clogs.

Set Up

The jet rodding machine is brought inside and set up near the most direct pipe access point. Protective covers safeguard flooring.

Pressure Flushing

The jet rodder specialist feeds a narrow high-pressure hose into the line. As it shoots streams of water out the nozzle at up to 5000 PSI, the hose propels itself through the pipes scouring the entire line and clearing obstructions. This continues until the drain runs free.

Confirm Clear Pipe

Finally, cameras or test flushes ensure the drain flows freely without backups. All cleaning equipment is removed and no mess remains – just fully cleared pipes!

As you can see, the jet rodding process is straight forward and very effective for stubborn clogs. Call (314) 568-7718 anytime including nights or weekends when drain problems arise and Pioneer Plumbing Restoration will restore flow.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Jet Rodding Services

Many Marine, IL homeowners and businesses have questions about professional hydro jetting services for stubborn drain clogs including:

Our jet rodding effectively clears:

  • Roots invading cracked pipes
  • Grease or soap buildup
  • Sediment or scale
  • Objects accidentally flushed
  • Tree roots invading exterior drainage
  • Collapsed pipes causing blockages

On average, expect 1-2 hours to set up equipment, jet rodd the lines, confirm clear pipes with cameras, and clean up. Severe clogs sometimes take longer to dislodge before fully reviving drainage.

Our Marine IL technicians are highly experienced with jet rodding safety processes. We also use industrial-grade rodding equipment maintained to highest standards so water jets only scour your drain lines on way to exterior sewer mains. Your home interior and belongings stay completely dry and undamaged.

No, jet rodding will not damage your drain lines or plumbing system. We adjust water pressure to levels safe for your pipes. The process actually cleans interiors so drainage improves.

We offer auxiliary drain sealing services in Marine IL to seal pipe cracks roots exploit over time. Annual maintenance jetting also keeps drains running optimally. We customize maintenance plans for homeowners or superintendents to prevent reoccurring clogs long-term.

Don’t settle for partially cleared drains! Call Pioneer Plumbing Restoration at (314) 568-7718 for professional Marine jet rodding services guaranteed to revive your stubborn blocked drains fully and permanently!

Additional Causes of Blocked Drains in Marine, IL

While roots, grease, waste buildup, and object obstructions are common drain clogs our Marine jet rodding clears, other issues can slowly block pipes over time too, including:

Rust and Corrosion

If you have older galvanized steel pipes or imperfect joints, interior rusting and corrosion deposits peel off the walls, collecting to restrict water flow. Jet rodding’s high-pressure streams can dislodge even heavy mineralized accumulations.

Bellied Pipes

Improper underground installation sometimes causes a dip or ‘belly’ in pipes. Sediment and waste settle into the bellied section, eventually plugging it up. The flexible jet rodding hose can propel itself past a bellied section and clear collected debris.

Tree Root Invasion

Tree roots naturally seek water sources like leaky drainage pipes. The tiny root tips invade via cracks and joints, then thicker gnarling roots expand inside pipes as they grow. Jet rodding provides the unmatched power to destroy root masses and restore unobstructed drainage. We follow up with pipe crack repairs to prevent re-infestation.

Backflow from Sewer Main

Sometimes a blockage in your exterior sewer main line causes wastewater to backflow into building drains. If intense rainfalls or overtaxed municipal sewers also contribute to the exterior main clog, professional jet rodding may be needed to restore normal water outflow.

As you can see, jet rodding effectively clears all types of drain blockages that develop over months or years. Don’t hesitate to call us!

DIY Drain Cleaning Dangers

While convenient drain cleaner chemicals, plungers, wire snakes, and hand-crank augers are fine for minor clogs, severe obstructions require professional hydro jetting equipment and expertise before irreparable damage occurs. DIY drain clearing dangers include:

Hazardous Chemical Burns

Caustic drain cleaners containing sulfuric acid or sodium hydroxide severely burn skin and eyes. Toxic fumes also irritate lungs if inhaled and damage pipes long-term. Avoid these risks by calling us instead!

Broken Plumbing Hardware

Forcefully shoving improper cables or snakes through small, twisted pipes risks cracking pipe joints or puncturing pipe walls. This requires extensive, costly repairs. Let our nimble jet rodding equipment eliminate clogs safely.

Sewage Exposure

If severe clogs cause sewage overflow into your home, dangerous bacteria, viruses, and mold spores contact surfaces and contaminate belongings. Our jet rodding ends overflows safely so thorough sanitization can begin.

Don’t play “plumber roulette” with jerry-rigged drain clearing contraptions. Call our Marine IL jet rodding specialists to resolve blocked drains safely and effectively!

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